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This is one of the famous book written by Suniti Kumar Ghosh.It covers the Causes and Consequences of India-China war of 1962.

Contents of the Book

Part I

•   ‘India declares war on China’

•   The Indian rulers’ expansionist policy

•   Cartographic aggression

•   ‘The forward policy’

•   Collusion between India, the USA, etc. to intervene in Tibet

•   ‘Talks’ but no ‘negotiations’

•   The Himalayan debacle

Part II

•   Convergence of interests of the ruling classes of India, the USA and the USSR

•   US strategy of keeping China under constant threat

•   Nehru’s role in US strategy

•   Nehru and the ‘Commies’

•   India’s economic and foreign policies

•   “Two poles in Asia”

•   The Soviet Union, India and the USA

•   Sharp conflict between China and the Soviet Union

•   Collusion overshadows contention

•   The reversal in China

Part III

•   The aftermath of the war

•   The Himalayan adventure and Indian communists

•   References and Notes

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Himalayan Adventure India China war of 1962 causes and consequences


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