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The Apache Wars The Final Resistance Landmark Events in Native American History
Joseph C. Jastrzembski “The Apache Wars: The Final Resistance (Landmark Events in Native American History)”
Chelsea House Publications | 2007-05-30 | ISBN: 0791093433 | 136 pages | PDF | 3 MB

This book covers the final decades of the Apache wars and resistance in the 19th century; it follows a pretty chronological order. The first chapter has a brief look at Apache history and social customs including an explanation of tribal governing. The second has history on the beginning of the conflict, followed by the third chapter, which focuses on the American Government’s efforts to bring the Apaches to a reservation life. Successive chapters dedicate parts to known Apache leaders: Mangas, Coloradas, and Geronimo along with some lesser known leaders: Lozen, Juh, and Naiche. There is a chapter on the forced movement of the Apaches to Florida and Alabama. The book, then, comes full circle with Apaches allowed to return to land near their homes after being prisoners of war and marking the 100th anniversary of the surrender of Geronimo. This book would be excellent for social studies classes or young adult readers with an interest in US or American Indian history, as it is a very even handed portrayal of the conflict of the Apaches and the United States. The focus on the Apache government style of each tribe and group of Apaches being autonomous in their rule helps for a greater understanding of the problems with achieving peace between the two nations. Reviewer: Patrick Hunter


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