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Paul French, “North Korea: The Paranoid Peninsula: A Modern History”
Zed Books | 2007 | ISBN: 1842779044, 1842779052 | 340 pages | PDF | 1,75 MB

“This longer historical view is essential, if one is to grasp not only what drives the North Korean regime but what it shares (to the growing irritation of the Americans) with the South.” – John Gittings, Guardian
“French certainly knows his stuff, and there is no shortage of good arguments and facts as he details this thesis and its worrying implications. This is a book packed with information without being emotional or rhetorical as the subject tends to make people.” – Asia Times
“North Korea stuck with the Stalinism and is now on the point of collapse, with millions suffering from starvation and the remainder overworked and underfed. Explaining how and why this has all come about and what might happen in the future is French’s task in this book.”- John Walsh, Professor at Shinawatra International University, Bangkok.
“Throughout the book, French is careful to consider the role of historical events and outside state actors in shaping North Korea.” – Asian Review of Books
“North Korea: The Paranoid Peninsula – A Modern History serves as an excellent introduction for anyone hoping to develop an understanding of why the world deals with this isolated regime the way it does, and how the regime continues to survive despite failures that seem obvious from the outside.” – The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

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